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                                                       Calendar No. 591
  2d Session
S. CON. RES. 117

Commending the Republic of Slovenia for its partnership with the United 
 States and NATO, and expressing the sense of Congress that Slovenia's 
    accession to NATO would enhance NATO's security, and for other 



                              May 24, 2000

    Mr. Roth (for himself, Mr. Biden, Mr. Lott, Mr. Helms, and Mr. 
  Voinovich) submitted the following concurrent resolution; which was 
             referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations

                             June 12, 2000

                Reported by Mr. Helms, without amendment


                         CONCURRENT RESOLUTION

Commending the Republic of Slovenia for its partnership with the United 
 States and NATO, and expressing the sense of Congress that Slovenia's 
    accession to NATO would enhance NATO's security, and for other 

Whereas on June 25, 1991, the Republic of Slovenia declared its independence;
Whereas on December 23, 1991, the Parliament of the Republic of Slovenia adopted 
        the State's new constitution based on the values of human rights, market 
        economy, rule of law, and democracy;
Whereas on April 7, 1992, the United States formally recognized the Republic of 
Whereas, since its independence, Slovenia has demonstrated an excellent record 
        on human rights;
Whereas Slovenia has developed a successful and growing market economy and 
        enjoys the highest per capita gross domestic product in Central and 
        Eastern Europe;
Whereas the European Union has recognized Slovenia's economic prosperity and the 
        strength of its democracy by initiating accession negotiations with 
        Slovenia as well as by putting into effect Slovenia's Association 
        Agreement with the European Union;
Whereas Slovenia has demonstrated its commitment to bring peace, security, 
        stability, democracy, and economic prosperity to Southeastern Europe 
        through its membership in NATO's Partnership for Peace, the Central 
        European Initiative, the Central European Free Trade Association 
        (CEFTA), and the Stability Pact for Southeast Europe;
Whereas Slovenia has been an active contributor to peace support operations 
        around the world, including the NATO Stabilization Force in Bosnia and 
        Herzegovina, NATO's Kosovo Force, and United Nations peacekeeping 
        operations in Cyprus and Lebanon;
Whereas Slovenia made invaluable contributions to NATO's Operation ALLIED FORCE 
        by providing NATO access and use of its airspace and ground 
        transportation systems and by assisting the NATO efforts to provide 
        Albania humanitarian relief during the air campaign against Yugoslavia;
Whereas Slovenia has contributed financial and humanitarian aid to the 
        assistance effort in Kosovo, including refuge for more than 3500 people 
        who had fled the region as a consequence of the violence that occurred 
        in Kosovo;
Whereas Slovenia promotes regional cooperation through its contributions to the 
        Trilateral Multinational Land Force, a multinational brigade established 
        with Italy and Hungary;
Whereas Slovenia, a leader in the effort to remove land mines from the war-torn 
        regions of the former Republic of Yugoslavia, established the highly 
        effective International Trust Fund for Demining and Mine Victims 
        Assistance; and
Whereas the NATO Enlargement Facilitation Act of 1996, passed by the Senate on 
        July 25, 1996, identified Slovenia, along with Poland, Hungary, and the 
        Czech Republic, as being among the NATO applicant states most prepared 
        for the burdens and responsibilities of NATO membership; Now, therefore, 
        be it
    Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), 
That (a) it is the policy of the United States to--
            (1) support the integration of the Republic of Slovenia 
        into transatlantic and European political, economic, and 
        security institutions, including the North Atlantic Treaty 
        Organization and the European Union; and
            (2) continue and further reinforce the partnership between 
        the United States and Slovenia, particularly their joint 
        efforts to bring lasting peace and stability to all of Europe.
    (b) It is the sense of Congress that--
            (1) the Republic of Slovenia is to be commended for--
                    (A) its commitment to democratic principles, human 
                rights, and rule of law;
                    (B) its transition from a communist, centrally 
                planned economic system to a thriving free market 
                economy; and
                    (C) its partnership with the United States and NATO 
                during the recent conflicts that have undermined peace 
                and stability in Southeastern Europe; and
            (2) the accession of the Republic of Slovenia to full 
        membership in transatlantic and European institutions would be 
        an important step toward a Europe that is undivided, whole and 
                                                       Calendar No. 591


  2d Session

                            S. CON. RES. 117


                         CONCURRENT RESOLUTION

Commending the Republic of Slovenia for its partnership with the United 
 States and NATO, and expressing the sense of Congress that Slovenia's 
    accession to NATO would enhance NATO's security, and for other 


                             June 12, 2000

                       Reported without amendment

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