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S.Con.Res. 82 (rs) Expressing the sense of Congress concerning the worldwide trafficking of persons, that has a disproportionate impact on women and girls, and is condemned by the international community as a violation of fundamental human rights. %%Filen...

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  1st Session
S. CON. RES. 82

Recognizing the importance of Ralph Bunche as one of the great leaders 
  of the United States, the first African-American Nobel Peace Prize 
   winner, an accomplished scholar, a distinguished diplomat, and a 
  tireless campaigner of civil rights for people throughout the world.



                           November 18, 2003

  Mr. Biden submitted the following concurrent resolution; which was 
               referred to the Committee on the Judiciary


                         CONCURRENT RESOLUTION

Recognizing the importance of Ralph Bunche as one of the great leaders 
  of the United States, the first African-American Nobel Peace Prize 
   winner, an accomplished scholar, a distinguished diplomat, and a 
  tireless campaigner of civil rights for people throughout the world.

Whereas Ralph Bunche's life of achievement made him one of the 20th century's 
        foremost figures and a role model for youth;
Whereas Ralph Bunche graduated valedictorian, summa cum laude, and Phi Beta 
        Kappa from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1927 with a 
        degree in International Relations;
Whereas Ralph Bunche was the first African-American to receive a Ph.D. in 
        Government and International Relations at Harvard University in 1934;
Whereas Ralph Bunche served as a professor and established and chaired the 
        Political Science Department at Howard University from 1928 to 1941;
Whereas, in 1941, Ralph Bunche served as an analyst for the Office of Strategic 
Whereas Ralph Bunche joined the Department of State in 1944 as an advisor;
Whereas Ralph Bunche served as an advisor to the United States delegation to the 
        1945 San Francisco conference charged with establishing the United 
        Nations and drafting the Charter of the organization;
Whereas Ralph Bunche was instrumental in drafting Chapters XI and XII of the 
        United Nations Charter, dealing with non-self-governing territories and 
        the International Trusteeship System, which helped African countries 
        achieve their independence and assisted in their transition to self-
        governing, sovereign states;
Whereas, in 1946, Ralph Bunche was appointed Director of the Trusteeship 
        Division of the United Nations;
Whereas, in 1948, Ralph Bunche was named acting Chief Mediator in Palestine for 
        the United Nations, and, in 1949, successfully brokered an armistice 
        agreement between Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria;
Whereas Ralph Bunche was deeply committed to ending colonialism and restoring 
        individual State sovereignty through peaceful means;
Whereas the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People awarded 
        its highest honor, the Spingarn Medal, to Ralph Bunche in 1949;
Whereas for his many significant contributions and efforts toward achieving a 
        peaceful resolution to seemingly intractable national and international 
        disputes, Ralph Bunche was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1950, the 
        first African-American and the first person of color to be so honored;
Whereas Ralph Bunche was named United Nations Under-Secretary-General in 1955, 
        in charge of directing peacekeeping missions in several countries;
Whereas, in 1963, Ralph Bunche received the United States' highest civilian 
        award, the Medal of Freedom; and
Whereas Ralph Bunche's critical contributions to the attempt to resolve the 
        Arab-Israeli conflict and towards the de-colonization of Africa, and his 
        commitment to and long service in the United Nations and numerous other 
        national and international humanitarian efforts, warrant his 
        commemoration: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), 
That Congress--
            (1) recognizes and honors Ralph Bunche as a pivotal 20th 
        century figure in the struggle for the realization and 
        attainment of human rights on a global scale; and
            (2) urges the President to take appropriate measures to 
        encourage the celebration and remembrance of Ralph Bunche's 
        many significant achievements.

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