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S.J.Res. 48 (rs) Calling upon the President to issue a proclamation recognizing the 25th anniversary of the Helsinki Final Act. [Reported in Senate] ...

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  2d Session
S. J. RES. 48



                           September 6, 2000

          Referred to the Committee on International Relations


                            JOINT RESOLUTION

Calling upon the President to issue a proclamation recognizing the 25th 
                 anniversary of the Helsinki Final Act.

Whereas August 1, 2000, is the 25th anniversary of the Final Act of the 
        Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE), renamed the 
        Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in January 
        1995 (in this joint resolution referred to as the ``Helsinki Final 
Whereas the Helsinki Final Act, for the first time in the history of 
        international agreements, accorded human rights the status of a 
        fundamental principle in regulating international relations;
Whereas during the Communist era, members of nongovernmental organizations, such 
        as the Helsinki Monitoring Groups in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, 
        Georgia, and Armenia and similar groups in Czechoslovakia and Poland, 
        sacrificed their personal freedom and even their lives in their 
        courageous and vocal support for the principles enshrined in the 
        Helsinki Final Act;
Whereas the United States Congress contributed to advancing the aims of the 
        Helsinki Final Act by creating the Commission on Security and 
        Cooperation in Europe to monitor and encourage compliance with 
        provisions of the Helsinki Final Act;
Whereas in the 1990 Charter of Paris for a New Europe, the participating states 
        declared, ``Human rights and fundamental freedoms are the birthright of 
        all human beings, are inalienable and are guaranteed by law. Their 
        protection and promotion is the first responsibility of government'';
Whereas in the 1991 Document of the Moscow Meeting of the Conference on the 
        Human Dimension of the CSCE, the participating states ``categorically 
        and irrevocably declare[d] that the commitments undertaken in the field 
        of the human dimension of the CSCE are matters of direct and legitimate 
        concern to all participating States and do not belong exclusively to the 
        internal affairs of the State concerned'';
Whereas in the 1990 Charter of Paris for a New Europe, the participating states 
        committed themselves ``to build, consolidate and strengthen democracy as 
        the only system of government of our nations'';
Whereas the 1999 Istanbul Charter for European Security and Istanbul Summit 
        Declaration note the particular challenges of ending violence against 
        women and children as well as sexual exploitation and all forms of 
        trafficking in human beings, strengthening efforts to combat corruption, 
        eradicating torture, reinforcing efforts to end discrimination against 
        Roma and Sinti, and promoting democracy and respect for human rights in 
Whereas the main challenge facing the participating states remains the 
        implementation of the principles and commitments contained in the 
        Helsinki Final Act and other OSCE documents adopted on the basis of 
Whereas the participating states have recognized that economic liberty, social 
        justice, and environmental responsibility are indispensable for 
Whereas the participating states have committed themselves to promote economic 
        reforms through enhanced transparency for economic activity with the aim 
        of advancing the principles of market economies;
Whereas the participating states have stressed the importance of respect for the 
        rule of law and of vigorous efforts to fight organized crime and 
        corruption, which constitute a great threat to economic reform and 
Whereas OSCE has expanded the scope and substance of its efforts, undertaking a 
        variety of preventive diplomacy initiatives designed to prevent, manage, 
        and resolve conflict within and among the participating states;
Whereas the politico-military aspects of security remain vital to the interests 
        of the participating states and constitute a core element of OSCE's 
        concept of comprehensive security;
Whereas the OSCE has played an increasingly active role in civilian police-
        related activities, including training, as an integral part of OSCE's 
        efforts in conflict prevention, crisis management, and post-conflict 
        rehabilitation; and
Whereas the participating states bear primary responsibility for raising 
        violations of the Helsinki Final Act and other OSCE documents: Now, 
        therefore, be it
    Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United 
States of America in Congress assembled, That Congress calls upon the 
President to--
            (1) issue a proclamation--
                    (A) recognizing the 25th anniversary of the signing 
                of the Final Act of the Conference on Security and 
                Cooperation in Europe;
                    (B) reasserting the commitment of the United States 
                to full implementation of the Helsinki Final Act;
                    (C) urging all signatory states to abide by their 
                obligations under the Helsinki Final Act; and
                    (D) encouraging the people of the United States to 
                join the President and the Congress in observance of 
                this anniversary with appropriate programs, ceremonies, 
                and activities; and
            (2) convey to all signatory states of the Helsinki Final 
        Act that respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, 
        democratic principles, economic liberty, and the implementation 
        of related commitments continue to be vital elements in 
        promoting a new era of democracy, peace, and unity in the 
        region covered by the Organization for Security and Cooperation 
        in Europe.

            Passed the Senate July 27, 2000.


                                                    GARY SISCO,


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