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S.Res. 109 (is) Expressing the sense of the Senate with respect to polio. [Introduced in Senate] ...

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                                                        Calendar No. 74
  1st Session
S. RES. 108

Designating the week of April 21 through April 27, 2003, as ``National 
                         Cowboy Poetry Week''.



                             April 8, 2003

 Mr. Burns (for himself, Mr. Baucus, Mr. Brownback, Mr. Hatch, and Mr. 
  Reid) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the 
                       Committee on the Judiciary

                             April 11, 2003

                Reported by Mr. Hatch, without amendment



Designating the week of April 21 through April 27, 2003, as ``National 
                         Cowboy Poetry Week''.

Whereas throughout American history, cowboy poets have played a large part in 
        framing the landscape of the American West through written and oral 
Whereas the endurance of these tales and poems demonstrates that cowboy poetry 
        is still a living art;
Whereas recognizing the contributions of these poets dates as far back as 
        cowboys themselves; and
Whereas it is necessary to recognize the importance of cowboy poetry for future 
        generations: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved, That the Senate--
            (1) designates that week of April 21 through April 27, 
        2003, as ``National Cowboy Poetry Week''; and
            (2) requests the President to issue a proclamation calling 
        upon the people of the United States to celebrate the week with 
        the appropriate ceremonies, activities, and programs.

                                                        Calendar No. 74


  1st Session

                              S. RES. 108



Designating the week of April 21 through April 27, 2003, as ``National 
                         Cowboy Poetry Week''.


                             April 11, 2003

                       Reported without amendment

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