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S.Res. 112 (is) Condemning the most recent outbreak of violence in the Republic of Congo and recognizing the threat such violence poses to the prospects for a stable democratic form of government in that country. ...

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  1st Session
S. RES. 111

 Designating April 30, 2003, as ``Dia de los Ninos: Celebrating Young 
                  Americans'', and for other purposes.



                             April 9, 2003

Mr. Hatch submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the 
                       Committee on the Judiciary



 Designating April 30, 2003, as ``Dia de los Ninos: Celebrating Young 
                  Americans'', and for other purposes.

Whereas many nations throughout the world, and especially within the Western 
        hemisphere, celebrate ``Dia de los Ninos'' on the 30th of April, in 
        recognition and celebration of their country's future--their children;
Whereas children represent the hopes and dreams of the people of the United 
Whereas children are the center of American families;
Whereas children should be nurtured and invested in to preserve and enhance 
        economic prosperity, democracy, and the American spirit;
Whereas Hispanics in the United States, the youngest and fastest growing ethnic 
        community in the Nation, continue the tradition of honoring their 
        children on this day, and wish to share this custom with the rest of the 
Whereas 1 in 4 Americans is projected to be of Hispanic descent by the year 
        2050, and there are, in 2003, approximately 12.3 million Hispanic 
        children in the United States;
Whereas traditional Hispanic family life centers largely on children;
Whereas the primary teachers of family values, morality, and culture are parents 
        and family members, and we rely on children to pass on these family 
        values, morals, and culture to future generations;
Whereas more than 500,000 children drop out of school each year and Hispanic 
        dropout rates are unacceptably high;
Whereas the importance of literacy and education are most often communicated to 
        children through family members;
Whereas families should be encouraged to engage in family and community 
        activities that include extended and elderly family members and 
        encourage children to explore, develop confidence, and pursue their 
Whereas the designation of a day to honor the children of the Nation will help 
        affirm for the people of the United States the significance of family, 
        education, and community;
Whereas the designation of a day of special recognition of children of the 
        United States will provide an opportunity for children to reflect on 
        their future, to articulate their dreams and aspirations, and find 
        comfort and security in the support of their family members and 
Whereas the National Latino Children's Institute, serving as a voice for 
        children, has worked with cities throughout the country to declare April 
        30 as ``Dia de los Ninos: Celebrating Young Americans''--a day to bring 
        together Latinos and other communities nationwide to celebrate and 
        uplift children; and
Whereas the children of a nation are the responsibility of all its people, and 
        people should be encouraged to celebrate the gifts of children to 
        society--their curiosity, laughter, faith, energy, spirit, hopes, and 
        dreams: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved, That the Senate--
            (1) designates April 30, 2003, as ``Dia de los Ninos: 
        Celebrating Young Americans''; and
            (2) requests that the President issue a proclamation 
        calling on the people of the United States to join with all 
        children, families, organizations, communities, churches, 
        cities, and States across the Nation to observe the day with 
        appropriate ceremonies, including--
                    (A) activities that center around children, and are 
                free or minimal in cost so as to encourage and 
                facilitate the participation of all our people;
                    (B) activities that are positive, uplifting, and 
                that help children express their hopes and dreams;
                    (C) activities that provide opportunities for 
                children of all backgrounds to learn about one 
                another's cultures and share ideas;
                    (D) activities that include all members of the 
                family, and especially extended and elderly family 
                members, so as to promote greater communication among 
                the generations within a family, enabling children to 
                appreciate and benefit from the experiences and wisdom 
                of their elderly family members;
                    (E) activities that provide opportunities for 
                families within a community to get acquainted; and
                    (F) activities that provide children with the 
                support they need to develop skills and confidence, and 
                find the inner strength--the will and fire of the human 
                spirit--to make their dreams come true.

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