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S.Res. 113 (ats) To amend the Stand Rules of the Senate to require that the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States be recited at the commencement of the daily session of the Senate. [Agreed to Senate] ...

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  1st Session
S. RES. 112

 Designating April 11th, 2003, as ``National Youth Service Day'', and 
                          for other purposes.



                             April 9, 2003

   Ms. Murkowski (for herself, Mr. Akaka, Mr. Biden, Mr. DeWine, Mr. 
    Johnson, Mr. Bayh, Mr. Baucus, Mr. Brownback, Mr. Bunning, Mr. 
  Campbell, Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Cochran, Ms. Collins, Mr. Domenici, Mr. 
   Durbin, Mr. Kennedy, Ms. Landrieu, Mr. Lugar, Ms. Mikulski, Mrs. 
Murray, and Mr. Stevens) submitted the following resolution; which was 
                        considered and agreed to



 Designating April 11th, 2003, as ``National Youth Service Day'', and 
                          for other purposes.

Whereas National Youth Service Day is an annual public awareness and education 
        campaign that highlights the amazing contributions that young people 
        make to their communities throughout the year;
Whereas the goals of National Youth Service Day are to mobilize youths to 
        identify and address the needs of their communities through service, 
        recruit the next generation of volunteers, and educate the public about 
        the contributions young people make as community leaders throughout the 
Whereas young people in the United States are volunteering more than has any 
        generation in American history;
Whereas the ongoing contributions young people make to their communities 
        throughout the year should be recognized and encouraged;
Whereas young people should be viewed as the hope not only of tomorrow, but of 
        today, and should be valued for the inherent idealism, energy, 
        creativity, and commitment that they employ in addressing the needs of 
        their communities;
Whereas there is a fundamental and absolute correlation between youth service 
        and lifelong adult volunteering and philanthropy;
Whereas, through volunteer service and related learning opportunities, young 
        people build character and learn valuable skills, including time 
        management, teamwork, needs-assessment, and leadership, that are sought 
        by employers;
Whereas service-learning, an innovative teaching method combining service to the 
        community with classroom curriculum, is a proven strategy to increase 
        academic achievement;
Whereas National Youth Service Day was first organized in 1988 by Youth Service 
        America and the Campus Outreach Opportunity League, and is now being 
        observed in 2003 for the 15th consecutive year;
Whereas Youth Service America continues to expand National Youth Service Day, 
        now engaging millions of young people nationwide with 50 Lead Agencies 
        in nearly every State to organize activities across the United States;
Whereas Youth Service America has expanded National Youth Service Day to involve 
        over 60 National Partners;
Whereas National Youth Service Day has inspired Global Youth Service Day, which 
        occurs concurrently in 127 countries and is now in its fourth year; and
Whereas young people will benefit greatly from expanded opportunities to engage 
        in meaningful volunteer service: Now, therefore, be it


    The Senate recognizes and commends the significant contributions of 
American youth and encourages the cultivation of a common civic bond 
among young people dedicated to serving their neighbors, their 
communities, and the Nation.


    (a) Sense of the Senate.--It is the sense of the Senate that the 
President should designate April 11, 2003, as ``National Youth Service 
    (b) Proclamation.--The Senate requests the President to issue a 
            (1) designating April 11, 2003, as ``National Youth Service 
        Day''; and
            (2) calling on the people of the United States to--
                    (A) observe the day by encouraging and engaging 
                youth to participate in civic and community service 
                    (B) recognize the volunteer efforts of our Nation's 
                young people throughout the year; and
                    (C) support these efforts as an investment in the 
                future of our Nation.

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