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S.Res. 309 (ats) Notifying the House of Representatives of the election of Gary Lee Sisco of Tennessee as Secretary of the Senate. [Agreed to Senate] ...

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  2d Session
S. RES. 308

Designating March 25, 2004, as ``Greek Independence Day: A National Day 
           of Celebration of Greek and American Democracy''.



                             March 3, 2004

   Mr. Specter (for himself, Mr. Allen, Mr. Bennett, Mr. Biden, Mr. 
Bingaman, Mrs. Boxer, Mr. Breaux, Mr. Carper, Mr. Chafee, Mrs. Clinton, 
  Mr. Cochran, Mr. Corzine, Mr. Daschle, Mr. Dayton, Mr. DeWine, Mr. 
     Dodd, Mr. Domenici, Mr. Dorgan, Mr. Durbin, Mr. Edwards, Mrs. 
Feinstein, Mr. Fitzgerald, Mr. Graham of South Carolina, Mr. Grassley, 
    Mr. Gregg, Mr. Hagel, Mr. Harkin, Mr. Hollings, Mr. Inhofe, Mr. 
   Johnson, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Kohl, Ms. Landrieu, Mr. Lautenberg, Mr. 
 Levin, Mr. Lieberman, Mr. Lott, Mr. Lugar, Ms. Mikulski, Mr. Miller, 
  Ms. Murkowski, Mrs. Murray, Mr. Nelson of Florida, Mr. Nickles, Mr. 
   Reed, Mr. Reid, Mr. Rockefeller, Mr. Santorum, Mr. Sarbanes, Mr. 
Schumer, Mr. Sessions, Mr. Smith, Ms. Snowe, Ms. Stabenow, Mr. Stevens, 
  Mr. Voinovich, Mr. Warner, Mr. Wyden, Mr. Feingold, and Mr. Sununu) 
submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee 
                            on the Judiciary

                             March 9, 2004

             Committee discharged; considered and agreed to



Designating March 25, 2004, as ``Greek Independence Day: A National Day 
           of Celebration of Greek and American Democracy''.

Whereas the ancient Greeks developed the concept of democracy, in which the 
        supreme power to govern was vested in the people;
Whereas the Founding Fathers of the United States drew heavily on the political 
        experience and philosophy of ancient Greece in forming our 
        representative democracy;
Whereas Greek Commander in Chief Petros Mavromichalis, a founder of the modern 
        Greek state, said to the citizens of the United States in 1821, ``it is 
        in your land that liberty has fixed her abode and . . . in imitating 
        you, we shall imitate our ancestors and be thought worthy of them if we 
        succeed in resembling you'';
Whereas Greece is one of only three nations in the world, beyond the former 
        British Empire, that has been allied with the United States in every 
        major international conflict for more than 100 years;
Whereas Greece played a major role in the World War II struggle to protect 
        freedom and democracy through such bravery as was shown in the historic 
        Battle of Crete that presented the Axis land war with its first major 
        setback, setting off a chain of events that significantly affected the 
        outcome of World War II;
Whereas the price for Greece in holding our common values in their region was 
        high, as hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed in Greece during 
        the World War II period;
Whereas President George W. Bush, in recognizing Greek Independence Day, said, 
        ``Greece and America have been firm allies in the great struggles for 
        liberty. Americans will always remember Greek heroism and Greek 
        sacrifice for the sake of freedom . . . [and] as the 21st Century dawns, 
        Greece and America once again stand united; this time in the fight 
        against terrorism. The United States deeply appreciates the role Greece 
        is playing in the war against terror. . . . America and Greece are 
        strong allies, and we're strategic partners.'';
Whereas Greece is a stabilizing force by virtue of its political and economic 
        power in the volatile Balkan region and is one of the fastest growing 
        economies in Europe;
Whereas Greece, through excellent work and cooperation with United States and 
        international law enforcement agencies, arrested and convicted key 
        members of the November 17 terrorist organization;
Whereas President Bush stated that Greece's successful ``law enforcement 
        operations against a terrorist organization [November 17] responsible 
        for three decades of terrorist attacks underscore the important 
        contributions Greece is making to the global war on terrorism'';
Whereas the Olympic Games will be coming home in August 2004 to Athens, Greece, 
        the land of their ancient birthplace 2,500 years ago and the city of 
        their modern revival in 1896;
Whereas the unprecedented Olympic security effort in Greece, including a record-
        setting expenditure of over $850,000,000 and assignment of over 50,000 
        security personnel, as well as the utilization of a 7-country Olympic 
        Security Advisory Group which includes the United States, will 
        contribute to a safe and secure environment for staging the 2004 Olympic 
        Games in Athens, Greece;
Whereas Greece, geographically located in a region where Christianity meets 
        Islam and Judaism, maintains excellent relations with Muslim nations and 
Whereas Greece has had extraordinary success in recent years in furthering 
        cross-cultural understanding and reducing tensions between Greece and 
Whereas Greece and the United States are at the forefront of the effort for 
        freedom, democracy, peace, stability, and human rights;
Whereas those and other ideals have forged a close bond between our two nations 
        and their peoples;
Whereas March 25, 2004, marks the 183d anniversary of the beginning of the 
        revolution that freed the Greek people from the Ottoman Empire; and
Whereas it is proper and desirable to celebrate with the Greek people and to 
        reaffirm the democratic principles from which our two great nations were 
        born: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved, That the Senate--
            (1) designates March 25, 2004, as ``Greek Independence Day: 
        A National Day of Celebration of Greek and American 
        Democracy''; and
            (2) requests that the President issue a proclamation 
        calling on the people of the United States to observe the day 
        with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

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