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S.Res. 313 (ats) To authorize representation by the Senate Legal Counsel in Harold A. Johnson v. Max Cleland, et al. [Agreed to Senate] ...

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   2d Session
 S. RES. 312

   Commending the bravery of the initial responders in the Baltimore 
              Harbor water taxi accident of March 6, 2004.



                              March 9, 2004

  Ms. Mikulski (for herself and Mr. Sarbanes) submitted the following 
             resolution; which was considered and agreed to



   Commending the bravery of the initial responders in the Baltimore 
              Harbor water taxi accident of March 6, 2004.

Whereas on Saturday, March 6, 2004, a water taxi overturned in 
        Baltimore Harbor during a sudden and vicious storm;
Whereas 25 passengers were thrown into the Harbor, into frigid 43 
        degree water, with little chance of survival;
Whereas tragically, 1 person died and 3 people are presumed to be dead;
Whereas if not for the immediate action of the initial responders, more 
        lives would certainly have been lost;
Whereas the initial responders demonstrated extraordinary bravery in 
        their heroic response in rescuing the passengers;
Whereas after noticing the accident, the initial responders rushed to 
        the scene, piloting their vessel to the accident site and 
        immediately diving into the frigid waters in their street 
        clothes and boots to help those clinging for their lives;
Whereas the initial responders not only saved those clinging to the 
        boat for survival but used their exceptional skills and 
        ingenuity to elevate the capsized boat to rescue those 
        passengers trapped beneath;
Whereas the team of initial responders worked together to pull the 
        passengers out of the water, identify those who needed 
        immediate medical attention, turn the Fort McHenry Drill Hall 
        into a triage center to identify the victims who were most in 
        need, and provide all with dry clothing and warm blankets;
Whereas it was a team effort to rescue and save those stranded in the 
        freezing Chesapeake waters that involved rescuers in the water, 
        on the pier, and at Fort McHenry;
Whereas we commend the courage and resolution of Maryland's outstanding 
        initial responders whose quick reaction to this terrible 
        accident saved lives; and
Whereas we praise these initial responders--the Navy Reservists, Coast 
        Guard, Maritime Fire Department, Baltimore Fire Department, 
        Bowleys Quarters Search and Rescue Team, and the emergency 
        medical team--who worked together as a team to rescue people 
        and save lives: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved, That the Senate--
            (1) pays tribute to the victims of this terrible accident 
        and expresses its condolences to their families;
            (2) commends the initial responders in the Baltimore water 
        taxi accident of March 6, 2004, for their bravery, quick 
        thinking, courage, and ingenuity in rescuing the passengers of 
        the water taxi that capsized after a sudden and vicious storm 
        swept over the Baltimore Harbor; and
            (3) commends the team of initial responders for this 
        extraordinary demonstration of their ongoing commitment and 
        dedication to saving lives.

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