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S.Res. 338 (ats) Relative to the death of the Honorable Paul Coverdell, a Senator from the State of Georgia. [Agreed to Senate] ...

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  2d Session
S. RES. 337

Expressing the appreciation of the Senate for the Paralyzed Veterans of 



                             April 8, 2004

  Ms. Murkowski (for herself, Mr. Specter, Mr. Graham of Florida, Mr. 
 Miller, Mr. Campbell, Mrs. Murray, Mr. Graham of South Carolina, Mr. 
Akaka, Mr. Nelson of Nebraska, Mr. Bond, Mr. Coleman, Mr. Bunning, and 
 Mr. Stevens) submitted the following resolution; which was considered 
                             and agreed to



Expressing the appreciation of the Senate for the Paralyzed Veterans of 

Whereas for 58 years Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA), a veterans service 
        organization chartered by Congress, has served the needs of its members, 
        veterans of the Armed Forces who have experienced spinal cord injury or 
Whereas Paralyzed Veterans of America, with 34 chapters and 6 subchapters, has a 
        stated mission to be a leading advocate for quality health care for its 
        members through the health care system of the Department of Veterans 
        Affairs, the Department network of Spinal Cord Injury Centers, and other 
        private and public health care providers;
Whereas Paralyzed Veterans of America, with 57 service offices and a network of 
        service officers, has helped its members and hundreds of thousands of 
        other veterans receive the benefits and health care they have earned 
        through service in the Armed Forces;
Whereas Paralyzed Veterans of America is a leader in medical and prosthetic 
        research, funding two research foundations that investigate a broad 
        spectrum of neurological science to seek a cure for spinal cord injury 
        as well as breakthroughs in rehabilitation to improve the quality of 
        life of all Americans with spinal cord injury or dysfunction;
Whereas Paralyzed Veterans of America is a leading advocate within the veterans 
        community in the Nation's capital, making certain the needs of its 
        members are recognized by Congress and the Executive Branch of the 
        Federal Government;
Whereas the Advocacy Program of Paralyzed Veterans of America joins the 
        disability community in seeking to ensure civil rights and access to 
        transportation, housing, and the physical environment for individuals 
        with disabilities in order to maximize the independence of all Americans 
        with disabilities;
Whereas through its architecture programs, Paralyzed Veterans of America is a 
        leading force in barrier-free design, serving as consultant in the 
        public and private sector to ensure a barrier-free physical environment 
        for all Americans with disabilities;
Whereas Paralyzed Veterans of America has one of the Nation's largest wheelchair 
        sports programs, fostering a wide range of sporting, indoor, and outdoor 
        recreational events to encourage physical activity and comradeship so 
        vital to the ongoing rehabilitation of its members;
Whereas Paralyzed Veterans of America is designating the week of April 11 
        through 17, 2004, as Paralyzed Veterans of America Awareness Week in 
        order to support a wide variety of programs designated to highlight the 
        services it provides nationwide and promote recognition of the sacrifice 
        its members have made on behalf of a grateful Nation: Now therefore be 
    Resolved, That the Senate--
            (1) salutes Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) during 
        Paralyzed Veterans of America Awareness Week, the week of April 
        11 through 17, 2004; and
            (2) encourages all Americans to acknowledge and express 
        their appreciation for the past and on-going contributions of 
        Paralyzed Veterans of America to disabled veterans and to all 
        other Americans with disabilities.


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