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S.Res. 354 (ats) Amending paragraphs 2 and 3(a) of Rule XXV and providing for certain appointments to the Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee, the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee, the Finance Committee, the Small Business Committe...

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108th CONGRESS<greek-th> x 
  2d Session<greek-th> x 
S. RES. 353<greek-th> x <greek-th> x 

    Designating May 2004 as ``Older Americans Month.''<greek-th> x 

<greek-th> x __________________________________________________________

            IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES<greek-th> x 

                        May 6, 2004<greek-th> x 

Mr. Craig submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the 
                Committee on the Judiciary<greek-th> x 

<greek-th> x __________________________________________________________

                        RESOLUTION<greek-th> x 

               Designating May 2004 as ``Older Americans 
      Month''.<greek-th> x <greek-th> x <greek-th> x <greek-th> x 

Whereas today's older Americans are living longer, healthier, and more 
        productive lives than any other time in our 
        history;<greek-th> x <greek-th> x 
Whereas older Americans exemplify the theme of ``Aging Well, Living Well'' by 
        continuing to give their time to our communities, their knowledge to our 
        children, their experience to our workplace, and their wisdom to all of 
        us;<greek-th> x <greek-th> x 
Whereas there are now more than 50,000 people in the United States 100 years old 
        or older;<greek-th> x <greek-th> x 
Whereas more than 47 million Americans are now 60 years old or 
        older;<greek-th> x <greek-th> x 
Whereas the opportunities and challenges that await our Nation require our 
        Nation to continue to commit to the goal of improving the quality of 
        life for all older Americans; and<greek-th> x <greek-th> x 
Whereas it is appropriate for our Nation to continue the tradition of 
        designating the month of May as a time to celebrate the contributions of 
        older Americans and to rededicate its effort to respect and better serve 
        older Americans: Now, therefore, be 
        it<greek-th> x <greek-th> x <greek-th> x <greek-th> x 
    Resolved, That the Senate--<greek-th> x <greek-th> x 
            (1) designates May 2004 as ``Older Americans Month''; 
        and<greek-th> x <greek-th> x 
            (2) commends the President on the issuance of his 
        proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to 
        observe such month with appropriate ceremonies and activities 
        that publicly reaffirm our gratitude and respect for older 
        Americans.<greek-th> x <greek-th> x <greek-th> x 
08<greek-th> x <greek-th> x <greek-th> x <greek-th> x <greek-th> x <greek-th>

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