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S.Res. 369 (ats) Relative to the death of Representative Bruce F. Vento, of Minnesota. [Agreed to Senate] ...

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  2d Session
S. RES. 368

 To recognize the importance of relocating and renovating the Hamilton 
                           Grange, New York.



            October 6 (legislative day, September 22), 2000

  Mr. Moynihan (for himself, Mr. Byrd, and Mr. Schumer) submitted the 
following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Energy and 
                           Natural Resources



 To recognize the importance of relocating and renovating the Hamilton 
                           Grange, New York.

Whereas Alexander Hamilton, assisted by James Madison and George Washington, was 
        the principal drafter of the Constitution of the United States;
Whereas Hamilton was General Washington's aide-de-camp during the Revolutionary 
        War, and, given command by Washington of the New York and Connecticut 
        light infantry battalion, led the successful assault on British redoubt 
        number 10 at Yorktown;
Whereas after serving as Secretary of the Treasury, Hamilton founded the Bank of 
        New York and the New York Post;
Whereas the only home Hamilton ever owned, commonly known as ``the Grange'', is 
        a fine example of Federal period architecture designed by New York 
        architect John McComb, Jr., and was built in upper Manhattan in 1803;
Whereas the New York State Assembly enacted a law in 1908 authorizing New York 
        City to acquire the Grange and move it to nearby St. Nicholas Park, part 
        of the original Hamilton estate, but no action was taken;
Whereas in 1962, the National Park Service took over management of the Grange, 
        by then wedged on Convent Avenue within inches between an apartment 
        house on the north side and a church on the south side;
Whereas the 1962 designation of the Grange as a national memorial was contingent 
        on the acquisition by the National Park Service of a site to which the 
        building could be relocated;
Whereas the New York State Legislature enacted a law in 1998 that granted 
        approval for New York City to transfer land in St. Nicholas Park to the 
        National Park Service, causing renovations to the Grange to be 
        postponed; and
Whereas no obelisk, monument, or classical temple along the national mall has 
        been constructed to honor the man who more than any other designed the 
        Government of the United States, Hamilton should at least be remembered 
        by restoring his home in a sylvan setting: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved, That--
            (1) the Senate recognizes the immense contribution 
        Alexander Hamilton made to the United States as a principal 
        drafter of the Constitution; and
            (2) the National Park Service should expeditiously--
                    (A) proceed to relocate the Grange to St. Nicholas 
                Park; and
                    (B) restore the Grange to a state befitting the 
                memory of Alexander Hamilton.

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