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S.Res. 372 (is) Expressing the sense of the Senate with respect to United Nations General Assembly Resolution 1322. [Introduced in Senate] ...

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  2d Session
S. RES. 371

 Expressing the sense of the Senate that a commemorative postage stamp 
         should be issued to honor sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski.



            October 12 (legislative day, September 22), 2000

  Mr. Daschle (for himself, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Bingaman, Mr. Levin, Mr. 
  Conrad, and Mr. Reid) submitted the following resolution; which was 
           referred to the Committee on Governmental Affairs



 Expressing the sense of the Senate that a commemorative postage stamp 
         should be issued to honor sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski.

Whereas Korczak Ziolkowski was born in Boston, Massachusetts on September 6, 
        1908, the 31st anniversary of the death of Lakota Sioux warrior Crazy 
Whereas, although never trained in art or sculpture, Korczak Ziolkowski began a 
        successful studio career in New England as a commissioned sculptor at 
        age 24;
Whereas Korzcak Ziolowski's marble sculpture of composer and Polish leader 
        Ignace Jan Paderewski won first prize at the 1939 New York World's Fair 
        and prompted Lakota Indian Chiefs to invite Ziolkowski to carve a 
        memorial for Native Americans;
Whereas later that year, Korzcak Ziolkowski assisted Gutzon Borglum in carving 
        Mount Rushmore;
Whereas while in South Dakota, Korczak Ziolkowski met with Chief Henry Standing 
        Bear who taught Korczak more about the life of the brave warrior Crazy 
Whereas at the age of 34, Korczak Ziolkowski temporarily put his sculptures 
        aside when he volunteered for service in World War II, later landing on 
        Omaha Beach;
Whereas after the war, Korczak Ziolkowski turned down other sculpting 
        opportunities in order to accept the invitation of Chief Henry Standing 
        Bear and dedicate the rest of his life to carving the Crazy Horse 
        Memorial in the Black Hills of South Dakota;
Whereas on June 3, 1948, when work was begun on the Crazy Horse Memorial, 
        Korczak Ziolkowski vowed that the memorial would be a nonprofit 
        educational and cultural project, financed solely through private, 
        nongovernmental sources, for the Native Americans of North America;
Whereas the Crazy Horse Memorial is a mountain carving-in-progress, and once 
        completed it will be the tallest sculpture in the world;
Whereas since his death on October 20, 1982, Korczak's wife Ruth and the 
        Ziolkowski family have continued to work on the Memorial and to expand 
        upon the dream of Korczak Ziolkowski; and
Whereas on June 3, 1998, the Memorial entered its second half century of 
        progress and heralded a new era of work on the mountain with the 
        completion and dedication of the face of Crazy Horse: Now, therefore, be 
    Resolved, That--
            (1) the Senate recognizes--
                    (A) the admirable efforts of the late Korczak 
                Ziolkowski in designing and creating the Crazy Horse 
                    (B) that the Crazy Horse Memorial represents all 
                North American Indian tribes, and the noble goal of 
                reconciliation between peoples; and
                    (C) that the creation of the Crazy Horse Memorial, 
                from its inception, has been accomplished through 
                private donations and without any Federal funding; and
            (2) it is the sense of the Senate that the Citizens' Stamp 
        Advisory Committee should recommend to the Postmaster General 
        that a commemorative postage stamp be issued in honor of 
        sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski for his upcoming 100th birthday.

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