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S.Res. 52 (ips) Expressing the sense of the Senate regarding the need to address immediately the current milk crisis. ...

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  1st Session
S. RES. 51

     To express the sense of the Senate regarding the outstanding 
                        achievements of NetDay.



                            February 7, 1997

  Mrs. Feinstein (for herself, Mr. Warner, Mr. Burns, Mr. Robb, Mrs. 
 Murray, and Mrs. Boxer) submitted the following resolution; which was 
         referred to the Committee on Labor and Human Resources



     To express the sense of the Senate regarding the outstanding 
                        achievements of NetDay.

Whereas the children of the United States deserve the finest preparation 
        possible to face the demands of this Nation's changing information-based 
Whereas in the year 1996, NetDay succeeded in bringing together more than 
        100,000 volunteers nationwide to install the wiring infrastructure 
        necessary to connect classrooms, from kindergarten to the high school 
        level (K-12), to the Information Superhighway and bring them the 
        educational benefits of contemporary technology;
Whereas NetDay succeeded in wiring 25,000 K-12 schools nationwide efficiently 
        and cost-effectively, while establishing and improving classroom 
        information infrastructure;
Whereas NetDay organizers created a World Wide Web site (http://
        www.netday96.com/) with an on-line database of all public and private K-
        12 schools, where individuals with a shared interest in upgrading 
        technology in their schools can locate each other and form communities 
        with a lasting interest in their schools;
Whereas NetDay stresses educational opportunity for everyone by reaching out to 
        rural and lower income communities to equalize access to current 
Whereas the relationships formed through NetDay activities and initiatives 
        between schools and their communities will last well beyond 1996 into 
        the 21st century, and other communities are already planning to organize 
        future NetDay projects that build and expand upon the initial 
        achievements of NetDay in 1996;
Whereas NetDay has substantially increased the visibility of educational 
        technology issues;
Whereas NetDay enables K-12 schools to move into the information age through 
        community and cyberspace-based action;
Whereas students and schools benefited from significant NetDay corporate 
        sponsorship and donations from hundreds of companies and organizations 
        throughout the nation who contributed by sponsoring individual schools, 
        providing wiring kits, and helping to design and test the networks;
Whereas NetDay will help facilitate the placement of educational technology, 
        such as computer hardware, software, Internet and technical services, 
        and teaching aids and training material, in the hands of schools through 
        NetDay activities nationwide; and
Whereas both past and future NetDay activities across America will save schools 
        and taxpayers millions of dollars in technology startup costs: Now, 
        therefore, be it
    Resolved, That it is the sense of the Senate that--
            (1) the organizers, coordinators, and volunteers of NetDay 
        throughout the United States should be commended for their 
            (2) NetDay's success should be used as a positive model in 
        other communities throughout the United States, this year and 
        in future years;
            (3) NetDay activities should continue to expand nationwide 
        to assist students, parents, and schools across the country, so 
        that they may obtain the full benefits of computer equipment 
        and networks, strengthen their educations, and begin careers 
        with more skills and opportunities in order to help them 
        compete more successfully in the global economy;
            (4) businesses, students, parents, educators, and unions 
        throughout the country should consider organizing NetDay 
        activities in their communities to provide similar 
        opportunities for their schools; and
            (5) the Senate affirms its support of NetDay's commitment 
        to have classrooms of K-12 schools fitted with the needed 
        technological infrastructure for the 21st century.

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