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S.Res. 92 (ats) Designating July 2, 1997, and July 2, 1998, as ``National Literacy Day''. ...

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  1st Session
S. RES. 91

 Affirming the importance of a national day of prayer and fasting, and 
  expressing the sense of the Senate that March, 17, 2003, should be 
          designated as a national day of prayer and fasting.



                             March 17, 2003

 Mr. Santorum (for himself and Mr. Brownback) submitted the following 
             resolution; which was considered and agreed to



 Affirming the importance of a national day of prayer and fasting, and 
  expressing the sense of the Senate that March, 17, 2003, should be 
          designated as a national day of prayer and fasting.

Whereas the President has sought the support of the international community in 
        responding to the threat of terrorism, violent extremist organizations, 
        and states that permit or host organizations that are opposed to 
        democratic ideals;
Whereas a united stance against terrorism and terrorist regimes will likely lead 
        to an increased threat to the armed forces and law enforcement personnel 
        of those states that oppose these regimes of terror, and that take an 
        active role in rooting out these enemy forces;
Whereas Congress has aided and supported a united response to acts of terrorism 
        and violence inflicted upon the United States, our allies, and peaceful 
        individuals all over the world;
Whereas President Abraham Lincoln, at the outbreak of the Civil War, proclaimed 
        that the last Thursday in September 1861 should be designated as a day 
        of humility, prayer, and fasting for all people of the Nation;
Whereas it is appropriate and fitting to seek guidance, direction, and focus 
        from God in times of conflict and in periods of turmoil;
Whereas it is through prayer, self-reflection, and fasting that we can better 
        examine those elements of our lives that can benefit from God's wisdom 
        and love;
Whereas prayer to God and the admission of human limitations and frailties 
        begins the process of becoming both stronger and closer to God;
Whereas becoming closer to God helps provide direction, purpose, and conviction 
        in those daily actions and decisions we must take;
Whereas our Nation, tested by civil war, military conflicts, and world wars, has 
        always benefited from the grace and benevolence bestowed by God; and
Whereas dangers and threats to our Nation persist, and in this time of peril it 
        is appropriate that the people of the United States, leaders and 
        citizens alike, seek guidance, strength, and resolve through prayer and 
        fasting: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved, That it is the sense of the Senate that--
            (1) March 17, 2003, should be designated as a day for 
        humility, prayer, and fasting for all people of the United 
        States; and
            (2) all people of the United States should--
                    (A) observe this day as a day of prayer and 
                    (B) seek guidance from God to achieve greater 
                understanding of our own failings;
                    (C) learn how we can do better in our everyday 
                activities; and
                    (D) gain resolve in how to confront those 
                challenges which we must confront.

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