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S.Res. 99 (ats) Designating November 20, 1999, as ``National Survivors for Prevention of Suicide Day''. [Agreed to Senate] ...

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                                                       Calendar No. 290
  1st Session
S. RES. 98

Expressing the sense of the Senate that the President should designate 
 the week of October 12, 2003, through October 18, 2003, as ``National 
                   Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Week''.



                             March 26, 2003

Mr. Campbell (for himself, Mr. Fitzgerald, Mr. Grassley, Mr. DeWine, 
        Mr. Biden, Mr. Johnson, Ms. Landrieu, Mr. Bunning, Ms. 
        Murkowski, Mr. Inhofe, Mrs. Murray, Mr. Specter, Mr. Wyden, Mr. 
        Craig, Mr. Schumer, Mr. Hatch, Mr. Daschle, Mr. Dorgan, Ms. 
        Cantwell, and Mrs. Lincoln) submitted the following resolution; 
        which was referred to the Committee on the JudiciaryYYYYYYYYYYY

                           September 25, 2003

                Reported by Mr. Hatch, with an amendment
                     [Omit the part struck through]



Expressing the sense of the Senate that the President should designate 
 the week of October 12, 2003, through October 18, 2003, as ``National 
                   Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Week''.

Whereas cystic fibrosis, characterized by digestive disorders and chronic lung 
        infections, is a fatal lung disease;
Whereas cystic fibrosis is one of the most common fatal genetic diseases in the 
        United States and one for which there is no known cure;
Whereas more than 10,000,000 Americans are unknowing carriers of the cystic 
        fibrosis gene;
Whereas 1 out of every 3,500 babies born in the United States is born with 
        cystic fibrosis;
Whereas approximately 30,000 people in the United States, many of whom are 
        children, have cystic fibrosis;
Whereas the average life expectancy of an individual with cystic fibrosis is 33 
Whereas prompt, aggressive treatment of the symptoms of cystic fibrosis can 
        extend the lives of those who have this disease;
Whereas recent advances in cystic fibrosis research have produced promising 
        leads in gene, protein, and drug therapies beneficial to persons 
        afflicted with the disease;
Whereas this innovative research is progressing faster and is being conducted 
        more aggressively than ever before, due in part to the establishment of 
        a model clinical trials network by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation; and
Whereas education of the public on cystic fibrosis, including the symptoms of 
        the disease, increases knowledge and understanding of cystic fibrosis 
        and promotes early diagnoses: Now, therefore, be it


    (a) Sense of the Senate.--It is the sense of the Senate that the 
President should designate the week of October 12, 2003, through 
October 18, 2003, as ``National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Week''.
    (b) Proclamation.--The Senate requests the President to issue a 
            (1) designating the week of October 12, 2003 through 
        October 18, 2003, as ``National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness 
        Week''; and
            (2) calling on the people of the United States to observe 
        the week with appropriate ceremonies and activities.
<DELETED>    (c) Additional Action.--The Senate commits to increasing 
the quality of life for individuals with cystic fibrosis by promoting 
public knowledge and understanding in a manner that will result in 
earlier diagnoses, more fund-raising efforts for research, and 
increased levels of support for those with cystic fibrosis and their 

                                             </DELETED>Calendar No. 290


  1st Session

                               S. RES. 98



Expressing the sense of the Senate that the President should designate 
 the week of October 12, 2003, through October 18, 2003, as ``National 
                   Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Week''.


                           September 25, 2003

                       Reported with an amendment

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